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Burjiko Evolution

May 11, 2012

Image      ImageWho remembers burjiko made from sepiolite of Ceelbuur. I still remember vividly in the back of my mind my amazing happy childhood in my beloved Mogadisho. I must have been seven years of age when I was summoned by my parents and asked to go under the tamarind tree and sit by the burjiko and with my babis, fan, and wave it so that the tea kettle would start evaporating faster. I use to huff and puff as I was impatiently waiting for the tea to steep as the smell of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon would fill the air. Dhinbilo, fire sparked and lightly burned my hands. After that, I would get a majabe glass, filled it with hot tea and served my dad. I still remember that glass. It was a Duralex and it read: Made in France. Apparently, my grandfather and all significant notables of pre-independence Somalia used it .

Later on, I learned how to make Canjero and became the master of burjiko cooking.

Gone are those days. Today the burjiko has been replaced by the solar power as the reader can deduce from the picture.


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