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Don’t Search for a Calf Under a Bull

May 29, 2012

World politics these days relies on the new idea of global compassionate capitalism otherwise referred to “ethical colonialism”. This new ideological brand recognizes the need for interdependence of all the world’s peoples and nations in terms of politics, economy, culture, and environment.


(picture from The Guardian)

The idea is to encourage the formation of new attitudes and structures which safeguard human sombreness and the common good. The idea of globalized solidarity with African countries like Somalia and the role of Turkey bring about a new shift in global politics.

The recent political and economic engagement of the latter should be contextualized in this order of things where we see a world dominated by transnational enterprises on the lookout for new resources to exploit and enlarge the pockets of transnational elites. Institutional assets of many African countries are put to the test as they become destabilized in order to conform to economic predators.

There are many who are calling for the failure of Davotoglu’s ideology as a failing brand as evolution of global and regional politics in the last three years have jeopardized the credibility, and future of Turkish foreign policy doctrine. This is pure hype.

I strongly believe that the Istanbul Conference on Somalia has a great potential if real stakeholders are allowed to perform freely and lay the foundation to establish a decentralized form of institutional governance and usher in indigenous modes of restructuring the social order for the betterment of rural inhabitants of Somalia, which clearly represent the majority of the overall population.

More voice should be given to educated and professional young Somalis and women who really possess the moral integrity and the intellectual capacity to turn things around. Unfortunately, Somalia has to deal with an oligarchic political and economic corrupted class who is working nonstop to maintain the status quo.

Their mission is to halt and impede any positive outcome Diaspora wise or in the motherland to effectively allow rebuilding Somalia and assist the needy become independent in their quest to increase their civic responsibility. This is the biggest challenge for the so called enlightened ones, those who are fervent nationalists like myself who find themselves over and over again helpless as we are being constantly hit by negative and barbaric self destructive wave.


One of our greatest sons Nurudin Farah once said “ [We Somalis] we become replicas of the tyrant whom we hate. We hate these warlords, these dictators, and fight against them to the point that we become dictatorial. This is what has destroyed many of the great nationalists in Africa: they became authoritarian, just like the colonialists against whom they fought. A question: What happens when you rid yourself of the monster? You become a monster.”

In essence, this problem is what we need to address and solve immediately, as we look upon Turkey and other countries to become our partners and help us rebuild our glorious motherland.




The title is a Turkish proverb, Okuz altinda buzagi aranmaz which literally means do not search for a calf under a bull. In Somali is dibi hoostii weyl a ka deyin.

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