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Now or Never

June 1, 2012

The Prime Minister of Somalia believes that Turkey’s involvement in Somalia “presented a concrete model” that would allow the country ” to be included in a global economic zone in the East Africa region”  (


In order for that to occur, Somalis must allow more  political power transparency and facilitate the Road Map Process to effectively set in based on Kampala Agreement, Road Map, Garowe I and II Principles, Galkacyo and Addis Ababa Consultative Meetings.

We must also engage the pool of Somali experts in the Diaspora laying the foundation for a republic founded on “democratic technocracy”. We need an enlightened  governing body to implement  scientific solutions as  means of launching Somalia to a new and more prosperous future. This kind of model is the only solution to resolve our social and economic regression.

We need to create a fair and just meritocratic system where  the  better qualified and those who decide the validity of qualifications are the same people, as opposed to being held hostage by oligarchs and spoilers who strive to maintain a certain status quo keeping the majority of the population uneducated and in famine mode. The challenge is now or never.


This is the only way out to allow Somalia to rise from its ashes. Why? Because a technocratic government is the only option we have to ensure a more effective administrative bureocracy which can effectively manage and distribute resources. Moreover, technocrats are guided by their cognitive problem solving skills, not their personal political capital or clan affiliation.

To conclude and contextualize the technocrat involment is Somali politics, we need to look at development  of partnerships between Africa and the  emergent economies in general, the Chinese in particular and how we need to be on the lookout and safeguard our national interest to avoid exploitation and profit losses. (



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