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Social Media and Women’s Rights Discussions

February 6, 2013

The lesson learned from yesterday’s sentencing of a raped woman and her consecutive  jailing is that the majority of social media users have developed a strong introspective conscience whereby human rights violations have been denounced and seen as an impediment to a just and fair society. Time and time again our nascent federal democracy has already been under vigorous scrutiny for many of us expect to find immediate solutions after a prolonged state of lawlessness.


Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to change things fast but we can always categorically deny any wrong doings when it comes to human rights and the rights to be who we want to be in our glorious land. Each Somali person has the power to change the language and discourse on how women are treated and most of all deny all sorts of injustices. People back home need to have the chance to develop an individual conscience to voice their concerns and be given the opportunity to be independent without any string attachments.


The aim is to prepare the terrain for peace and prosperity to flourish and those Somalis who are more privileged than others who have access to means of communication must raise the bar and not act irresponsibly and politicize through primitive clannish lense real issues. We have wasted decades to be a competitive nation in the world so we must act now.

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